A real religion of Love

People have been telling us for 6 years now that Islam is a religion of peace and love. The message of the Bible is truly a message of Love, Peace, and Grace. I am a Southern Baptist and we have a bad reputation for being “against” so many things. I am against sin (so is God by the way). God is a forgiving God. He pursues us with a passion and with determination. It truly is all about love and grace!

I downloaded a new CD yesterday, Remedy by David Crowder Band. while listening to the 5th track, Never Let Go, I heard these words: Ever faithful, ever true, You I know, You never let go… I was sitting at my computer enjoying the song and reflecting on the amazing, unending love of Jesus. I was struck by the reality that we never go so far that we are beyond His grace. I thought of all the people in the world that need to hear of His mercy, that need to hear He never lets go. Then I opened Firefox to Foxnews.com and saw this image

The caption said “This Is Why They Don’t Have Gays In Iran”. (In case you have been in a cave, the President of Iran said Monday that they don’t have gays in Iran.)

I was appalled. I thought of the true religion of Peace and love, Christianity. I know nothing about these two teenagers other than they were accused of committing homosexual acts. In Iran (and many other Muslim countries) the penalty is death. I certainly don’t condone the acts of these young men, but there is a God who loves them and never lets go as He pursues us. We do not serve a God that gives us death for our sins. Though we deserve it beyond measure! He has provided grace through Jesus Christ.

May our hearts be moved to share this message of hope with a world that is without hope.

Author: Jon Glass

Jesus Christ has made all the difference

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