As you are serving

I am preaching this week from Acts 12:25-13:3 where Paul and Barnabas are set apart for their first missionary journey.  I have been struck by this idea…God won’t use you for something else until you are done what He has called you to do.  This is what I mean; in this passage Paul and Barnabas return to Antioch after they had completed their relief mission to Jerusalem.  It goes without saying they could not be sent out from Antioch until they returned from their previous assignment.  Verse 2 goes on to say while they were ministering the Holy Spirit spoke to them about their next assignment.  You see, they were working faithfully in what they had been called to do and then the Holy Spirit calls them to something else.

Everyone else probably understands this already.  To me it was like a fresh perspective this morning.  God calls us to serve Him in various ways and at various times.  We don’t get the next assignment until we have faithfully completed the first one.  Wherever we are, we must be serving Christ.  To do any less may keep the Holy Spirit from revealing His will for us.  I guess here is a bottom line…keep doing what God has called you to right now and keep doing it faithfully until He calls you to something else!

Author: Jon Glass

Jesus Christ has made all the difference

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