Dwelling on the Messiah

Paul writes in Ephesians 3:16-19 that he prays for the Ephesians to allow the Messiah to dwell in their hearts. He is writing to believers. The Messiah is “in their hearts” already. So what could he mean?

In John 15 Jesus teaches us to abide in Him, to remain in Him. Jesus does not mean that one could lose his salvation and no longer be in Christ. This is the same idea that Paul picks up on in Ephesians 3. As we dwell on Jesus we will be able to “comprehend…the length and width, height and depth of God’s love, and to know the Messiah’s love that surpasses knowledge.” That is his point. As we dwell on Jesus in our thinking and living we will know His love.

The Christian life is about a relationship with Jesus. If we don’t stay connected to Him, we quickly forget about is love for us. Too many Christians dwell on themselves. This happens in one of two ways. Either they think only of what they like and what they want and follow their desires disregarding Christ. Or they focus on their sinfulness and failures to the point of handicapping their service to Christ. The solution is to dwell on Jesus. Acknowledge your sin, confess it, and remember the height, depth, width, and length of His love! When you understand Him more in this way you can serve Him as He desires. You will begin to understand that all you have is found in Jesus. Without Him there would be no life. It gives you the freedom to follow His desires.

It all comes back to dwelling. Is Jesus dwelling in your heart, are thinking about Him?

Author: Jon Glass

Jesus Christ has made all the difference

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