Knowing the Books

I am sitting here in class, disappointed that high school students in a Christian School cannot write out the books of Bible in order and spelled correctly.  They have had a couple od days notice on this.  They had to learn them in my class last year as well.  It is an unfortunate thing to have a graduate of a Christian School who could not find Hebrews or Isaiah!

Every believer should memorize the order of the books.  It is discouraging as a Pastor to announce your passage of Scripture on Sunday morning and 5 minutes later there are still pages been rustled as people look for the book.  Especially when you have been preaching a series in that bok for 2 months!!

Author: Jon Glass

Jesus Christ has made all the difference

One thought on “Knowing the Books”

  1. Dear Pastor, I have to chuckle at this. Don’t be too discouraged with your congregation – sometimes they are still rustling simply because they did not hear what the passage is. Many times a senior member asks “what verse did he say??” when you’ve completed the reading. I wonder if they realize the planned readings are printed in the bulletin.
    I’m glad your sermons are here. I’ll be missing my church family in the coming weeks, as vacations take place.
    God Bless you and your family!

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