The Kingdom Advancing

I just returned from a prayer gathering for Ethiopia.  What sticks in my mind was how small it was and how large it was.  It was open to anyone in our community who wanted to pray for a medical clinic in Ethiopia.  I talk some about that clinic here.  There are 4 churches in our area who are partnering with believers in Ethiopia to establish and refurbish this clinic.  The primary goal of the clinic is to meet Spiritual needs.  Physical needs are a secondary goal.  In one sense I was struck by how small the crowd was.  There were 30 people.  In these 4 churches there are over 500 in weekly attendance.  These 4 churches have sacrificed much to financially support this work.  That is a blessing!  But what troubled me was what it says about our folks if 500 of decide to send money to this work and 30 come to pray?  Are we that blessed financially where we can simply throw money towards a work that we don’t care much about?  Are we that lazy about prayer where we can salve our consciences and don’t feel the need to pray since we wrote a check?  Either answer is not good.

Now, I was also moved at how large the crowd was.  It was an incredible time of praying with brothers and sisters in the Lord who share a common vision and burden for our brethren in Ethiopia.  We were doing His Kingdom work today.  Not our church’s work, not our community work, but His kingdom’s work.  It was great seeing people come together for Christ and His Kingdom.  I marvel that He has allowed me to participate in what He is doing 7500 miles away from my home.  There were brothers and sisters in te Lord 7500 miles away praying for some of the same exact things we were praying for!  What a blessing!

Author: Jon Glass

Jesus Christ has made all the difference

One thought on “The Kingdom Advancing”

  1. Pastor Jon, being at the meeting, I understand what you are saying. My heart aches as much for the people here who are aware of the situation but choose to do little or nothing, as it does for our brothers and sisters in Ethiopia who wake up to that same day every day. Yet, our Ethiopian brothers and sisters are going to learn about that peace that Jesus gives that can not be explained, and that hope which is eternal. And we, who were blessed to be born in America, with all it’s riches, will someday answer to our Lord as to how we responded to the needs of our Ethiopian brothers and sisters, or to any of His children for that matter. “For everyone to whom much is given, from him much will be required.” I would not trade that peace, that relationship with Him, for any of the riches of this world.

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