3 thoughts on “Our Relation To The Law”

  1. Jon
    That was an excellent message. I think we are all born legalistic (and more prone to be as Southern Baptist ). I’m good therefore God owes me salvation, which is totally opposite of the gospel. The gospel is Jesus is, filled the law and grants salvation – which is the great news because we fail.
    At my church now we speak of 3 kinds of people each week. The message is preached to all three — rightoues, unrightoues and saved. The rightous believe God owes them for their deeds, the unrightoues reject God and the saved believe God and believe God gifted the faith to believe. Having a changed heart (stone to flesh) is the gift of God which enables belief, which allows for no boasting and only praise. I didn’t jumpstart my salvation with works and then faith followed. Jesus granted me faith and because he saved me from my depraved state, I can praise him. Like you said – we put the cart before the horse – unless we preach the gospel to ourselves daily.
    Also I like what you said, we can’t expect unsaved people to believe Jesus or follow the law.
    I’m glad to hear your sermons and to know the gospel is being preached.

  2. Blake,
    Thanks for the words of encouragement. I praise the Lord that I understood this principle soon after receiving Christ. It saved me from a lot of frustration and misdirection. I like the 3 categories you guys refer to. I am thankful for the ability to share these message online. And thanks for taking time to listen and comment.

  3. I have a great e-mail on the blood of Jesus & the church’s views of the world to forward you, that goes along with the theme of this sermon, might be something to post. What’s your email address?

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