A Day of Good News

I am having technical troubles uploading my sermon from Sunday, but something I shared from 2 Kings 7 has stuck with me for a while now.  This is when the lepers were outside of Samaria during the seige.  The conditions in the city were so bad, the people were paying a year’s salary for a donkey’s head, a month’s salary for dove droppings, and they were boiling their own children to eat!  These lepers knew no one would help them.  Their only option for survival was to go to the Aramean Camp and maybe they could live.  Through God’s miracle, the Arameans had fled their camp and left the gold, silver, clothing, and food.  The lepers had hit the jackpot.  They began to hide the items for later use, then one of them said, “What we’re doing is not right.  Today is a day of good news.  If we are silent and wait until the morning light, we will be punished.  Let’s go tell the King’s Household.” (2 Kings 7:9)

In the sermon, I related the sharing of the good news to sharing the gospel.  That is certainly a lesson from this passage.  Another lesson is about our equality with our brothers.  For whatever reason the Lord let the Lepers hit the jackpot.  They could not keep it for themselves.  They knew they had a responsibility to share it or the Lord would punish them.  If we look at how the Lord has blessed us as Americans, for whatever reason, we have hit the jackpot.  Could it be that He wants us to share it with our brothers and sisters in the Lord in other places?  Places like Ethiopia.  Places where Jesus loves the people as much as He loves us.  Places where they are desperate for the basic needs of life that we take for granted.

May we as His people be obedient not only to share the good news of salvation, but also the goods that He has blessed us with.

Author: Jon Glass

Jesus Christ has made all the difference

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