Ethiopia Report #7


I got to travel up the mountain to Koro VIllage today.  I went with the village team so that I could distribute more Bibles to those waiting to receive them.  We received such a warm greeting.  The church walked about a half-mile down the road (it wasn’t a road) from the church to meet us as we arrived.  There was singing, dancing, rejoicing, etc.  We got out of the truck and walked with them back to the church.  Every few hundred feet they would stop and break into songs of praise.  They would sing a while, then we would continue walking.  It reminded me of the Israelites bringing the Ark back into Jerusalem and they stopped every six steps to worship the Lord (2 Sam. 6)

I had the joy of meeting some great people in Koro, including this young man.  Notice his sweatshirt.

Blue Devils fans in the rmotest parts of Africa
Blue Devils fans in the remotest parts of Africa

The ones who received Bibles were so excited and thankful to have their own copies of God’s Word.

Koro Bible Group

I spent time this afternoon back in Soyama with Worku, my translator.  We visited his home in town.

Worku at the table in his home
Worku at the table in his home

Author: Jon Glass

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