I am sitting here this morning putting the finishing touches on my sermon.  I am excited today.  Well, I am excited every Sunday morning since I have the privilege to share the best news in the world, but I am really excited today.  The Lord has put a great passage of Scripture on my heart for my first Sunday here at Cresset.  I do regret that for the time being, technological restraints will prevent me from posting my sermons.  Hopefully that will change.

Matthea and I began talking with members from Cresset in October.  It has been 20 weeks since our first meeting together.  Here we are.  We moved Monday and are getting settled in nicely.  So many from Cresset have pitched in to help us this week.  Thanks!

I am excited this morning as I reflect in Col. 1:25.  Paul says that by God’s stewardship he is given the task of making God’s message known.  What a privilege!  God could use me for anything that He desires.  Any task would be equally as exciting since God calls us to serve Him according to how He created us.  He created me to proclaim the message, and I love to do just that.  There is a great deal of responsibility to stand before people and proclaim, “God’s Word says…”  He has called me to it.  I echo the words of Paul from 1 Cor. 4:2, “it is required of managers that they be found faithful.”  Lord, help me be faithful.

Author: Jon Glass

Jesus Christ has made all the difference

One thought on “anticipation”

  1. I KNOW God is using you for His Glory! I love watching Him do HIS work through you! God has chosen all of us to do His work. We have been praying for this day, your first day at Cresset. God Bless You, Jon!! Love you! (I’m his Mama)

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