hope and redemption

Our family has been blessed to be a part of Cresset Baptist Church.  The Lord has called us here and we are excited about His Kingdom work in this place.  For over 30 years Cresset has had a wonderful ministry in Cresset Christian Academy.  Each year the Academy performs a musical in the Spring.  This year, they are performing Les Miserables.  Last night was the first of five performances.  It was amazing.  I have seen this show once before when a Broadway Touring Company came to Virginia when I was in High School.  I have been looking forward to Cresset’s production for months now.  It did not disappoint.

I have the opportunity to share a few words after the performance.  Last night, it occurred to me why this show is so popular.  The music is great, the set is fantastic, but the story shows many people from different walks of life all looking for hope.  They are looking for redemption.  They are looking for a new life, a better life.  These themes resonate with each person in the audience.  Who doesn’t want their past sins forgiven?  Who doesn’t want a new start?  Who doesn’t seek the hope of something better?  We all do.  The great thing is that we can have each of these.  Not through our own effort, or even desire, but through Jesus Christ.

Last night after the show, I shared with the audience one of my favorite passages of Scripture, 2 Corinthians 5:17, “If anyone is in Christ He is a new creation.  Old things have passed away and behold, new things have come.”  We can have newness in Jesus Christ.  He is the one who forgives our sins.  He is the one who provides the hope and promise of an abundant life and eternal life with Him.  He is the One who makes us new creations.  He is the one who restores our souls.  He redeemed us, He bought us, He paid with His very blood to purchase our lives for Himself.

I was excited to share that with the audience last night.  I know there were many believers there, people who are associated with the Academy.  But there are also unbelievers there.  People who need to hear the Gospel of Jesus.  People who may never step foot in a church.  I am praying for God to open people’s hearts each performance so that they can hear about Jesus.

Author: Jon Glass

Jesus Christ has made all the difference

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