I posted earlier this week about the importance of relationships.  It keeps coming to mind how vital these relationships are in our lives.  Last night we had a great family in our home for dinner.  It was great for our children to play together afterwards and the “adults” sat and talked for 4 hours after dinner.  It was great to share what the Lord is doing in our lives and hear what He is doing in the lives of others.  It still amazes me when people say something like, “you can be a Christian without going to church.”  Theologically this is correct, but practically it is tough.  Jesus had so much instruction for us regarding how we live with our fellow believers.  If you are not a part of a local body, you have to ignore (read disobey) much of Jesus’ teachings.  You also miss out on the blessing of seeing Him work in the lives of others.

Author: Jon Glass

Jesus Christ has made all the difference

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