is the church like Coke?

I stopped in for gas yesterday and wanted a soft drink for the ride.  I went back to the cooler and found the Cherry flavored Coke Zero.  This is a great beverage.  It was $1.39.  This is the usual price for a 20 oz. drink at a convenient store.  I paid for the drink and as I walked to my car, something seemed strange.  I thought that my hand had gotten larger or something.  I looked down at the bottle, and it was not 20 oz.  it was 16 oz.  Maybe this change happened a while back…I don’t know.  For years, you could get a 20 oz. plastic bottle from the convenient store.  Coke (and presumably everyone else) has reduced the drink by 20%, yet I was paying the same price for it!  I was getting less for the same money.

Here is my question, are our church services like this?  Have slipped something by the congregations over the past 10-15 years?  It still lasts an hour, but they get less theological songs, less prayer, less focus on the Lord, less reading of His Word, and less teaching from His Word.  Maybe it hasn’t been 10-15 years…maybe it has been 50-60 years…I’m not sure.  But the fact is people who attend church each week don’t get the same “product” that they used to get.  Have we pulled a fast one like Coke has?  Or, have the people come to expect less, and we give them what they expect.

I know that teaching the Bible week after week is not popular.  It never has been.  As leaders in churches, we cannot strive to be popular.  Jesus said it is not good when all people speak well of you.  The only person I want to be fully satisfied is Jesus.  If He is pleased by what I do, then I have accomplished what I need to accomplish.  In the years I have been involved in ministry I have learned that nothing will please everyone.  That means every decision will be unpopular with someone.  I could do what I like, what the majority of people like, or what Jesus likes.  I pray that I will clearly follow what Jesus wants and lead others to do the same.

Author: Jon Glass

Jesus Christ has made all the difference

2 thoughts on “is the church like Coke?”

  1. I just stumbled across your blog this afternoon and wow, this entry popped out at me — I believe we get what we want to receive at church. If we attend because it is the “social thing”, then that is what we will find. If we attend because we are “looking for God”, then God sure won’t hide from us when we are earnestly seeking Him.

    I was raised in the church, but just recently accepted Christ within the last few months. I’m a pastor’s kid and not everyone attends church to find God, they attend for other reasons. When you can find a place where you can fellowship with other “hungry believers” – then you will be filled with more than you can handle and will be blessed abundantly… so you can pass it along to others who God places in your lives.

  2. Dear Pastor Jon,
    “Church” too often and widespread has become like Coke. It is marketed, filled with sugar,artificial flavorings and yes…even artificial sweeteners to deceive. But isn’t this what Jesus told us would ocurr? All the more reason to refocus on the teaching of His Word, prayer and right fellowship.
    The Coke slogan of many years past “its the real thing” is what Cassandra has so joyfully expressed; she has found Jesus. And how will we know except His Word be preached?

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