Should We Do Everything?

I understand that many decades ago Baptists and other religious organizations started medical clinics and hospitals in order to better provide humane, loving care to people.  But, do we have to do everything?  In a day when many baptist churches are removing the word “baptist” from their names, it was surprising to find the word baptist in a name.  While driving to Fernandina Beach on Amelia Island (near Jacksonville, FL) I spotted a sign for this new practice, Baptist Obstetricians.  I am not opposed to what they are trying to accomplish, my family has benefited greatly from this type of medical care (just ask our three children).  I am concerned with we as Baptists doing anything and everything instead of doing the main thing we are called to do.  We are called to make disciples.  Clear and precise.  This is done by bringing people to a knowledge of Jesus and then teaching them to follow Him.  I am not sure how this can happen in an OBGYN doctor’s offic.?

I am concerned about the situation over at the International Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention.  They are seeing a huge budget shortfall in this past year and will not be able to support the missionaries who are preparing to go.  I am thankful that our church and may others are stepping to the plate to have a special offering.  But in North Carolina the state convention keeps 68% of “missions giving” within our state.  There are worthwhile programs and ministries, but there are over 4000 church scattered (stacked on top of each other) through our state.  We do a lot of things.  Even some medical care.  My prayer is that we bapists get back to doing the things we are called to do.  Other things may be an avenue to accomplish discipleship, but the cannot be an end in themselves.  I pray this begins with me, with our church, our state, our denomination, and every follower of Jesus!

Author: Jon Glass

Jesus Christ has made all the difference

2 thoughts on “Should We Do Everything?”

  1. Thank you for your thoughts regarding what we as followers of Christ should be doing. We all should be “Obstetricians for Christ”, birthing new disciples. (pun intended) I pray about this daily.
    Only when we prioitize the essentials that Jesus instructed us to do will get the right measure for all else. The church clearly is to evangelize, baptize and disciple. Jesus did not grant the church latitude to neglect any one of these activities. However, sadly, we see many “ministries” today that not only remove “Baptist” from their names, but remove Jesus and His Word. Press forward Brother Jon!

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