Undermining the Authority of Scripture

I was visiting the campus of Southeastern Seminary today and I stopped in for chapel.  It was their convocation service to begin the new semester.  Dr. David Nelson, VP for Academic Administration, brought a great message about the authority of Scripture.  His title was intriguing, “How to undermine the authority of Scripture”.  You can access the message here.  He talked about how we evangelicals stand on the authority of Scripture, but too often we are not faithful to the text in our preaching, teaching, and living.  Dr. Nelson shares my conviction of being an “equal-opportunity-offender.”  Every listener will be offended at some point in this message!

I was planning to start a series of blogs on studying and teaching the Scriptures.  After today’s sermon, I’ll wait another day or two before this blog series 🙂

Author: Jon Glass

Jesus Christ has made all the difference

3 thoughts on “Undermining the Authority of Scripture”

  1. I agree totally with your assessment of the chapel message. My toes are still hurting.

    Thanks for stopping my office after chapel. Next time we need to have lunch together. In the meantime I look forward to your series on teaching. I know I have a lot to learn.

  2. Dr. Nelson’s comments are very thoughtful. As a lay student and teacher I agree with Dr. J. V. McGee “don’t add, don’t take away.” Our danger is within the church. Having the “luxury” of attending churches of many denominations that pastors do not necessarily have, I can affirm the scriptures are terribly and widely mis-used, wrongly presented or not presented at all from many pulpits (no denomination exempt)to promote agendas other than God’s. And the sad fact is that the mere position of the speaker from the pulpit gives a stamp of authority and authenticity to the undiscerning. Thank you for your devotion to God’s Word in your teaching. This should motivate us all to study the Word in Truth and make disciples.

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