Matthea and I spent some time with some dear friends yesterday and the topic of politics came up, briefly.  We discussed the issue some on the way home.  We are concerned about things in our country, we have been for several years (not just several months like some of our friends).  Isn’t it refreshing that our citizenship is in Heaven.  Earth is not our home, the United States isn’t our home, North Carolina isn’t our home, and Durham isn’t our home.  When Matthea and I gave our lives to Jesus (age 20 for me, 19 for her) we became citizens of a Kingdom far bigger and far greater than the United States.  In fact, we are now citizens of a Kingdom that has been around forever and will be around forever!  That’s more than I can say for our current country of residence!  I love the freedoms we enjoy in our country, but the truth is we are aliens and foreigners here.

I have had the chance to visit 1 other country in my life (2 if you count Canada, but not much cultural difference).  I spent nearly 3 weeks in Ethiopia last Fall.  I was not a citizen of the U.S. while there.  I was not a citizen of Ethiopia while there.  I was and still am a citizen of Heaven.  I am simply still on the earth as His ambassador.  I am to represent my King and His interests while here.  When I put my life into that perspective, our current political back and forth in the United States fades in importance. If we ever lose freedoms here, it won’t matter.  There are places in the world without our “religious freedoms”, and His Kingdom is doing just fine there!  If you are in His Kingdom, our earthly place of residence simply becomes secondary!

Author: Jon Glass

Jesus Christ has made all the difference

3 thoughts on “Politics?”

  1. “This world is not my home…” is becoming one of my favorite songs, Jon. Jesus’ kingdom is transnational, transdenominational, trans practically everything.

    It was great to serve side by side with you in Ethiopia. You and Matthea are great role models of saints who live for the sake of the Gospel.

  2. Well put, Jon! How easy it is to get side-tracked, and we need reminders of Truth. Let us discipline our minds according to the Truth of our identity as citizens of Heaven, His servants, Ambassadors of the King of Kings….and then let us live in that reality, restructuring our priorities in time, money, energy, relationships, work, etc.

    We love you & Matthea SO much!

  3. Dave and BeckyLynn,

    Thank you both for your friendship and your kind words. Both of you are tremendous blessings to Matthea and I.

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