Day 10 – Psalm 46:10


“Be still, and know that I am God. I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth!”

In our fast-paced world with our fast-paced lives, how often are we still and quiet so that we can listen to the voice of God? We have gotten used to having a dozen things happening at once around us. The TV is on, we’re on Facebook, we’re in 3 different text conversations, and we’re trying to eat dinner at the same time. Many times we can miss what God has for us because we are never still and quiet long enough to hear Him. We live in a world that is always going and always doing. We can never sit still for any length of time. Often, God speaks in a quiet voice. He wants us to be still and hear Him and know that it is Him. Sometimes we have to be still and be quiet in a situation to know that God is there with us. It is okay to slow down sometimes and listen to God and wait on God and just know that He is there.

It is possible to miss God in the small things in our life. We see Him in the big things, but He is there in the small things too. He is always there. Whether or not we notice Him is up to us. The psalmist is telling us here to be still, to know that God is there. When that happens, He will be exalted among the earth. When people slow down for a minute and realize that God is there, they can focus on Him. When people focus on Him, He is exalted in people’s lives. When we as God’s people learn to slow down and listen to Him, we will begin to realize that He is there in every part of our lives. When we do that, we will speak about Him more often; we will focus on Him more. His name and His fame will spread to the ends of the earth. What we must do is be quiet, be still, focus on Him, hear His voice, and spread His fame.

  1. How often do you stop and listen to the voice of God?
  1. Is your life too cluttered with stuff to take a few minutes each day to slow down and sit quietly and wait on God?

Today, find some time to stop everything and simply be quiet before God. Be still and hear His voice even in the middle of a crowded and busy day.

Author: Jon Glass

Jesus Christ has made all the difference

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