Spilled water = a win


This morning at breakfast, we had a water spill, but it was a win

Last night, Carter asked Matthea to make bacon and toast for breakfast.  This morning when we got the kids up at 6:45, there was bacon, toast, fruit, and fried eggs waiting for them.  Many months ago we started waking the kids up a little earlier and enjoying a sit-down breakfast together before heading off to school.  Sure, we have to wake up earlier, but the time with the kids has been great.  We give ourselves enough time so we aren’t rushing around the house.

As we’re eating breakfast Matthea usually shares from a family devotional and we discuss it.  This morning, the devotional was on apologizing.  It talked about the difference between saying “I’m sorry” and meaning “I’m sorry”.  You know, we often say “I’m sorry” without having any meaning of sorrow, remorse, or repentance.  We then talked about the need to forgive someone when they apologize and what that means.  How we are to treat them as if it didn’t happen, we aren’t to hold it against them.

In the midst of helping the kids think through some real life examples, Carter got up from his chair and walked over to get some grapes.  He broke one of our table rules – you are supposed to ask someone to pass the serving dish to you.  While doing this, he accidentally spilled Caleb’s tall glass of ice-cold water onto the table and into Caleb’s lap!

Caleb’s face came to life (as would with your lap full of ice-cold water.)  He didn’t raise his voice, or have any verbal response.  I helped him out of his chair and began drying him off.  Carter ran to the linen closet to got a towel and was back helping dry off his little brother in no time.  After everything and everyone was dried off, Carter looked at Caleb and said, “I’m really sorry for spilling water on you.”  Caleb said, “that’s okay, it was an accident.  I forgive you.”  Caleb went over and gave Carter a hug.  Matthea and I watched this and knew we didn’t need to come up with any real life example to demonstrate the point of today’s devotional.  As they were hugging, Caleb said, “now don’t touch my shorts unless you want to get wet!”

This was a great picture for our kids about applying God’s Word to our lives.  They got to see a potentially bad sibling episode handled in a way that honored Christ!  It was a great reminder of the importance to teach and live out the Scriptures to our children.

Author: Jon Glass

Jesus Christ has made all the difference

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