We had a great discussion in Sunday School yesterday about spending time with the Lord.  We talked specifically about Bible reading and prayer.  There was a common sentiment that we often go to the Bible and hope to have an earth-shattering reading time each day.  Then we get discouraged when that doesn’t happen.  Do you ever feel that way?

If you’re in the habit of reading God’s Word on a consistent basis you’ve had timely encounters.  But it doesn’t happen every single time.  I like to think of it like eating.  We eat 3 meals a day.  That’s what we need for sustenance.  Not every meal every day is amazing.  Sometimes it’s just to get you through.  Every once in a while we eat something incredible.  Maybe it’s a new recipe you try…maybe it’s a new restaurant that opened up.  Then we tell others about it.  We rave over it.  It’s good.  Then we eat our usual 3 meals the next day.  Regular Bible reading is like that.  Just read it.  Every so often it’ll knock your socks off.  You’ll talk about it.  You’ll post online about it.  You’ll marvel.  Then the next day, you read the Word some more.

One thing is for certain.  These encounters with the Lord through His Word will not happen if you’re not reading the Bible.  You’ll never have those big encounters if you don’t open your Bible and read it.


Author: Jon Glass

Jesus Christ has made all the difference

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