We had our first meeting tonight. It was a great time of worship. Those who were there met with the Lord! What an amazing thought, God has reconciled us to Himself! Through our faith in what He suffered we have eternal life. I love the verse in John 17:3, “Now this is eternal life: that they may know you, the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom you have sent.”

Eternal life is not about Heaven. Don’t get me wrong, Heaven will be unbelievable, but the idea of knowing Jesus is great. Actually knowing the Creator of the Universe. That’s much better than some, “meet your hero” deal. God has taken the first step to allow us to meet Him. He did it by reconciling us to Himself through His Son Jesus. Amazing isn’t it? That God would take the first step to allow sinful people like us to come into His presence.

Grow in knowing Jesus…grow in your eternal life.

Author: Jon Glass

Jesus Christ has made all the difference

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