God in a box

In John 7, the Pharisees were upset with Jesus’ teaching. These guys were the religious leaders and biblical experts of their day. Jesus showed up and told all the people that if they believe in Him they would have streams of living water flow within them. You can imagine the Pharisees’ objection to hearing this. They sent the police to arrest Jesus. The police came back and did not have Jesus in custody. They told the Pharisees, “no one has ever spoken like this.” The Pharisees responded by saying, “Are you fooled too? Have any of the rulers believed in him? Or any of the Pharisees? But this crowd, which doesn’t know the law, is accursed!”

The Pharisees had put God in a box They had their trust in what they had seen God do before. They also had their trust in what they understood He would do based on the Old Testament. Based on these two things, they would not believe that 1) a prophet would come from Galilee; 2) God would come to earth as a man; 3) The Messiah would be a humble servant. The leaders “knew” how God would work. Because of this, they missed out. We see the difference in the police. These guys saw the power and authority of Jesus when He spoke. They were so moved by it they didn’t even arrest Him. I wonder if these were the same police who bowed down before Jesus when they arrested Him in John 18?

You and I must be careful. We have had experiences with the Lord, we have read His Word, we have seen Him work. The danger is that we expect Him to act in some type of formula. It is a dangerous place to come to. The Pharisees put God in a box and said He could not do what He was actually doing. They missed it!

I wonder how many times we miss what God is doing because it doesn’t fit our formula for how He is supposed to work in our lives and in the lives of others. What is it in your life that you think He cannot do? What is it in your life that you think He won’t do? Have you come to that decision because God is in your box you have created? Maybe He wants to work beyond what can think or imagine? Trust God for the hard things. Don’t put Him in a box.

Author: Jon Glass

Jesus Christ has made all the difference

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