Bible in 5 Weeks Part 1

Here is my sermon from this past Sunday.  It was the first in my 5 part series preaching through the Bible.

Bible in 5 weeks – 1

Here is the outline I included with the bulletin to help you follow along:

Beginnings, Promises, and Rescue

March 14, 2010

I. Beginnings

A. 6 Days of Creation – Genesis 1

B. Creation of Marriage – Genesis 2

C. Sin comes to the world – Genesis 3

D. Sin abounds – Genesis 4-6

E. Noah and the flood, with 1 way of escape – Genesis 6

F. Job – takes place prior to Abraham

1. Satan looks for one to tempt – Job 1-2

2. Job’s friends accuse him of sin – Job 3-37

3. God reminds Job who He is – Job 38-42

4. God restores Job’s possessions and family – Job 42

II. Promises

A. Tower of Babel – Genesis 11

B. God’s call and promise to Abraham – Genesis 12

C. God renews His promise – Genesis 15

D. Abraham has his first son, Ishmael – Genesis 16

E. God promises a son to Sarah and Abraham – Genesis 17

F. Son of promise, Isaac, is born – Genesis 21

G. Abraham is called to sacrifice Isaac – Genesis 22

H. Isaac marries Rebekah and has twin sons – Genesis 24-25

I. Jacob steals the blessing and promises to serve God – Gen. 27-28

J. Jacob marries Leah and Rachel; has a name change – Gen. 29-32

K. Favorite son, Joseph, is sold into slavery by 11 brothers – Gen. 37

L. Joseph’s Life – Potiphar, Prison, and Ruler – Genesis 39-41

M. All of Israel now safely in Egypt – Genesis 50

III. Rescue

A. 400 years later, Israelites are slaves – Exodus 1

B. Moses is spared and flees to the desert – Exodus 2

C. God calls Moses to lead people out of Egypt – Exodus 3-4

D. Pharaoh says ‘no’ and God sends 9 Plagues – Exodus 7-10

E. God gives His people instructions for Passover – Exodus 12

F. 10th Plague, Death of Firstborn; Israelites leave Egypt – Exodus 13

G. Red Sea parts, God delivers His people – Exodus 14

H. God’s people sing to rejoice in His provision – Exodus 15

Author: Jon Glass

Jesus Christ has made all the difference

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