Bible in 5 Weeks part 2

Here is the second in my 5 part series preaching through the Bible in 5 weeks.  Again, I am posting the outline that I handed out.

Bible in 5 Weeks pt. 2

Wanderings, Sinfulness, Presence

March 21, 2010

I. Wandering

A. God provides manna for the Israelites – Exodus 16

B. God gives Moses the 10 Commandments – Exodus 20

C. God gives instructions for the Tabernacle – Exodus 25-31

D. Israelites make a idol to worship – Exodus 32

E. God gives instruction concerning the 5 Offerings – Leviticus 1-7

F. Nadab and Abihu disobey God – Leviticus 10

G. God gives His people more Laws to obey – Leviticus 11-27

H. Israelites are afraid to enter the Promised Land – Number 13-14

I. Moses disobeys God and cannot enter the Land – Numbers 20

J. Moses instructs God’s people a second time – Deuteronomy 1-32

II. Sinfulness

A. Joshua is the new leader – Joshua 1

B. Joshua sends in the spies – Joshua 2

C. Crossing the Jordan – Joshua 3

D. Jericho walls fall down – Joshua 6

E. Conquests and Conquering the Land – Joshua 7-24

F. Book of Judges covers 335 years of history with a “cycle”

1. Cycle – Sin, Slavery, Crying, Salvation

2. Phrase – “Did what was evil in the Lords sight” 7 Times

G. Book of Ruth displays God’s faithfulness to His people

1. Ruth is a Moabite woman; marries Boaz, an Israelite

2. He redeems her as a picture of Christ’s work on our behalf

III. Presence

A. Hannah is a godly woman with a son named Samuel – 1 Samuel 1

B. Samuel is called by God to be a Prophet – 1 Samuel 3

C. Israel loses the Ark and regains it from Philistines – 1 Samuel 4-7

D. People demand a King and Saul is chosen – 1 Samuel 8-10

E. Saul disobeys God the first time and is punished – 1 Samuel 13

F. Saul disobeys God the second time and is punished – 1 Samuel 15

G. David is anointed King and fights Goliath – 1 Samuel 16-17

H. Saul promotes David and later tries to kill him – 1 Samuel 18-27

I. Saul dies and David becomes King – 1 Samuel 31 – 2 Samuel 5

J. David attempts to bring the Ark back to Jerusalem – 2 Samuel 6

K. David sings a song of praise to the Lord – 2 Samuel 7

Author: Jon Glass

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