Bible in 5 Weeks pt. 3

Here is my sermon from this past Sunday.  It’s the third in the 5 part Series Preaching through the Bible.  I am also including the notes.

Bible in 5 Weeks pt 3

Wisdom, Wickedness, Renewal

March 28, 2010

I. Wisdom

A. David commits adultery with Bathsheba – 2 Samuel 11-12

B. Sin’s consequences in David’s family – 2 Samuel 13-18

C. David becomes prideful and God rejects him – 2 Samuel 24

D. David prepares Solomon to be King – 1 Chronicles 28-29

E. Solomon is King and he asks God for wisdom – 1 Kings 1-3

F. Solomon displays the wisdom God has given – 1 Kings 3

G. Solomon writes Song of Solomon – a story of love

H. Solomon writes Proverbs – a book of wisdom & instruction

I. Solomon begins construction of the Temple – 1 Kings 5-9

J. Solomon sins against the Lord and is punished – 1 Kings 11

K. Solomon writes Ecclesiastes – a book about godly priorities

II. Wickedness

A. Rehoboam becomes King and is a wicked man – 1 Kings 12

B. Jeroboam sets up false gods to worship – 1 Kings 12

C. Kingdom Divides into 2 parts, Israel and Judah

1. Israel had 19 Kings.  All but 1 were evil

2. Elijah the Prophet confronts sin – 1 Kings 17-18

3. Elijah appoints Elisha to be a Prophet – 1 Kings 19

D. God sends many prophets to speak to the people

1. Main message was repent and worship God alone

2. Prophets spoke of coming judgment

E. Assyria overtakes Israel in 722 BC – 2 Kings 17

F. Judah is overtaken by Babylonians in 586 BC – 2 Kings 24-25

G. In exile, Jeremiah writes Lamentations

H. Ezekiel writes about the new hope to come – Ezekiel 37

I. Daniel and friends are persecuted – Daniel 3 & 6

III. Renewal

A. King Cyrus allows God’s people to return – Ezra 1-2

B. Temple is rebuilt – Ezra 3-6.  Haggai preaches – Haggai 1

C. Zechariah preaches concerning God’s salvation – Zech. 9

D. God uses Esther to spare many of His people

E. God uses Nehemiah to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem

F. Malachi writes about judgment and blessings – Malachi 4

G. John the Baptist is born and Messiah is coming – Luke 1

I.  Pre-Exile Prophets

1. Obadiah – Judgment is coming on the nations, but there will be future blessings

2. Jonah – When God calls us to obedience, we must respond to Him

3. Amos – Judgment coming to the nations, judgment coming to Israel and Judah, but there will be a future restoration

4. Micah –There is coming judgment, but there will be restoration as well

5. Hosea – God’s people have committed adultery, but God will buy them back for Himself

6. Isaiah – Judgment and punishment is coming, but God will bring restoration with the coming Messiah

7. Nahum – Assyria will be destroyed for capturing Israel, even thought God used them, He always punishes sin

8. Zephaniah – Judgment is coming because the people are lukewarm towards God

9. Habakkuk – Judah will be punished, Babylon will be punished, but patient on the Lord to restore

10. Jeremiah – God punishes sin, but will give His people a new heart in order to be His people

II.  Prophets During The Exile

1. Lamentations – Jeremiah writes about his sorrow over God’s judgment of Israel and Judah

2. Ezekiel – Judah must be judged because God takes sin seriously, but God will be glorified through it all

3. Joel – A call to repentance and a promise of God’s future restoration of His people

4. Daniel – God always has faithful believers who stand for Him.  Also a book with end-times prophecies

III.  Post-Exile Prophets

1. Haggai – Rebuking God’s people and encouraging them about the future blessings

2. Zechariah – Giving hope about God’s future plan to restore people by the Messiah

3. Malachi – Rebukes the priests and tells of God’s coming blessings

Author: Jon Glass

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