This past Sunday, I preached from Acts 2-4.  I talked about my vision for Cresset Baptist Church.  I challenged our church to do something different.  I said, “if we continue to do the same things week after week, why should we expect anything different to happen in our lives or our church?”  At the end of the sermon, I asked people to come forward and pray for God to work in mighty ways in their lives and in our church.  The response was overwhelming!

In Acts 4, the disciples were threatened with arrest if they continued preaching about Jesus.  They responded by meeting together for prayer.  What did they pray for?  Boldness.  They didn’t pray for an easy time, they didn’t pray for the threat to disappear, they prayed for boldness in the midst of the threats.  The Bible says the place where they prayed was shaken!  It goes on to say that they preached the message of Jesus with great boldness!  God answered their prayer.  I pray that God will shake us, that He will use us to bring glory to Himself in our area and in our world.

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Acts 2-4




Author: Jon Glass

Jesus Christ has made all the difference

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