Ethiopia 2013 Team Report

Our team of 10 had an amazing time in Ethiopia in July.  Here is the audio of our report to our church.  We were following in the steps of Paul and Barnabas as they reported from their journey in Acts 14:26-27

Or, you can right-click on the following and choose “Save Link Location” or “Save Link As” to download the mp3 file.

Ethiopia 2013 Presentation

If you download the file, it is easier to jump ahead to the various speakers.

Rachel at 0:30
Maggie at 7:55
Chris at 15:10
Josh D. at 19:10
Jon G. at 27:30
Adeola at 41:30
Tope at 51:00
Josh L. at 1:00:10
John T. at 1:11:40
David at 1:21:20

Author: Jon Glass

Jesus Christ has made all the difference

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