Recently I have noticed two things that happen simultaneously in our lives.  One is that God is always working in our lives.  He is always seeking to grow us, teach us, stretch our faith, and display His glory in and through our lives.  The second is that He does this primarily by using people.  God accomplishes His work through people.  He does His Kingdom work through people.  He works in our lives through people.

God uses people in positive ways and in “negative” ways.  It is easy to see how He uses people in positive ways.  We see their encouragement, their love and care for us, and their friendship.  It is easy for us to see how God uses them for our good and for our growth.  However, He also uses people in “negative” ways.  Negative in the sense that they may discourage us.  Negative in the sense that they may persecute us.  Negative in the sense that they work to make our life difficult.  We have to recognize that God is still working.  He wants us to learn and grow…even through using people in a “negative” way in our life.  Remember, nothing happens to you or me that God does not allow.  We all live in a sinful world with sinful people (like us).  Our behavior may rub someone the wrong way and they may rub us the wrong way.  The good news is that we can still learn and grow through those interactions.  God can still teach us through them.

Remember, it is God who works in our life to make us more like Jesus.  How has He used you in people’s lives?  How has He used others in your life?  Have you told them?  Have you let them know that God has used them in your life?

Author: Jon Glass

Jesus Christ has made all the difference

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