This morning I went into the kitchen to start some coffee.  I looked out the window to get a view of our vegetable garden.  This summer has been a battle between the deer and me.  They have gotten in 4 different times.  Each time, they wipe out most every tomato, pepper, and bean.  This morning, I couldn’t see the garden.  Our little veggie garden sits about 25 feet from the kitchen window.  I knew where to look, but I couldn’t see it.  It was there.  The sun had come up.  I couldn’t see it because of the fog.

It made me think how many times in our lives can we see the fog.  We can only see the fog.  We can’t see anything else but the fog.  We know other things must be there…but all we see is fog.  I started the coffee and went into my office.  I heard the pot make the bubbling sound that tells me the coffee is finished brewing.  I went back into the kitchen and looked again towards the garden.  This time, the fog was completely gone!  Not a drop of vapor left in the air.  In life, God brings us to places and all we can see is the fog.  We can’t see what else is actually there.  We can’t see any other reality but the fog.  Then, in a moment, the fog lifts.  It goes away.  When that happens, we can see with clarity.

May God help us to trust His leading when all we see is the fog.  May God strengthen our faith through the fog of life.  Fog is only a mist, a vapor that appears when the conditions are right.  At the perfect moment, it goes away.  If you’re in the fog now, hang in there.  Fog doesn’t last forever.  Hear His voice and trust His leading.

Author: Jon Glass

Jesus Christ has made all the difference

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