Piggin’ Out for a Cancer Cure

One of my heroes is Dr. Dave Black.  He’s 64 years old and began running less than 2 years ago.  On May 7th he will be competing in the Flying Pig Marathon in Cincinnati, Ohio.  Yes, he’s doing the whole 26.1 miles!!

He is also using this as an opportunity to raise funds for cancer research at UNC Hospital.  His wife, Becky Lynn Black, passed away in November 2013 from Endometrial Cancer.  Dave raised $25,000 last summer to further research being done at UNC.  As he sets his sights on this marathon, he is hoping to raise an additional $4,000 for research.  He is looking for 154 people to donate $1 per mile.  That’s a $26 donation from 154 people to the Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer at UNC.  You can read more about this project and make your donation HERE.

Pray for Dave in this endeavor.  Help support this project.  I have written in the past about his wonderful wife Becky Lynn.



Author: Jon Glass

Jesus Christ has made all the difference

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