God is Working


I just returned on Sunday from a 9 day trip to South East Asia.  Our team of 3 traveled 18,000 miles around the world and back.  We saw God at work in mighty ways.


The country we visited has a population of roughly 50 million people.  88% are Buddhists and 5% are Christians.  I have never been anywhere with people so friendly and helpful.  However, in the midst of their goodness there is such hopelessness.  Buddhism is a way of life.  It teaches that you must earn enough merit in order to reduce suffering in your next life.  They believe that it is possible to attain nirvana, which will lead to a release from the cycle of rebirth and reincarnation.

There is a hopelessness to this endless cycle.  Most Buddhists pray regularly to the Buddha in their homes and at the Temples and Pagodas.  They have an intensity in their prayers.  I was struck by the despair.  They spend hours reading and reciting memorized prayers to golden statues that cannot hear, cannot see, and cannot act.


While on our trip I celebrated an anniversary.  On March 15th I celebrated 20 years as a follower of Jesus!  I was a freshman in college when I became of follower of Jesus and submitted my life to Him.  It was only then in my life did I find peace, joy, and love.  This all came through the grace and mercy of a God who knows me and loves me.  He is a God who hears me, sees me, and acts in my life.

During our visit, I saw many people whose lives have been changed by Jesus.  They are finding true peace and hope in their lives.  The Lord is using many ways to reach people with the Gospel of Jesus.  Some are meeting in tutoring sessions and learn about Jesus.


Others who are new believers are meeting for several months to study the Bible together and learn how they can be used to bring the message of Jesus to their people.


The people here are hospitable and open to the message of Jesus.  Please pray for them that they would find freedom in Christ!

Author: Jon Glass

Jesus Christ has made all the difference

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